While not permanent like  “tattoo” permanent, it’s jewelry that is meant to last forever (or until you’re ready to take it off)! One of our specialists will weld the custom fitted piece onto your wrist, ankle and/or neck, eliminating the need for a clasp entirely, allowing you to wear it hassel-free, until you decide to take it off.



what is permanent jewelry? 


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What are the chains made of?

1) You’ll pick out your chain from our current collection (deciding is the hardest part)

2) Your specialist will size the chain to our suggested fit, apply a temporary clasp to test the sizing, adjust until it fits just right, and then begin welding.

NOTE: Once the chain is cut, the sale is final so, make sure you love the style before your specialist cuts the chain. 

Save your chain! You will get one free reattachment. Additional re-attachments will costs $20. 

If the chain is not in the original condition, stretched out beyond repair, or contains multiple breaks, a new chain will need to be purchased.

Each piece is custom, unique and priced differently. 

Bracelets starting at $65
Anklets starting at $75
Necklace $125

if it’s permanent, does it mean it’ll never come off?

How to get linked by bohemian aesthetic Atelier! 

What is the process like?

What if i have to cut the link or if it breaks?

How much does it cost?

Our chains and charms are sterling silver, 14k yellow and white gold filled, and solid 14k gold.  Gold filled (not plated) will last 3 to 5 years, silver 2 years and solid gold 15+ years of average "wear and tear" without tarnishing.

No, it can easily be removed with scissors, should you ever decide to take it off. If so, make sure to clip it at the link we welded, to save the chain, in case you want to link again in the future.

NOTE: permanent does not equal invincible. While it is designed for every day wear, it is still fine jewelry.

Bohemian Aesthetic is a brick and mortar and hosts pop-up events! This means private parties and pop-ups at local businesses and events as well as services within our studio. There are a couple of ways you can make sure to get your hands on one or more of our pieces.

1) You can host a party with friends with a minimum of five guest who will be getting  linked and we will come to you.

2) Have one of your friends host (you know the one who makes the best food and drinks and loves having people over)

NOTE: Host receives 20% off whatever jewelry they want for themselves.

3) Make an appointment with us in studio for a solo or group linking session.  

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"I had the absolute BEST experience at Bohemian Aesthetic!! Lei is extremely talented, friendly, patient, professional, detail-oriented, and made sure I was happy through the whole process. The shop has such cute, inviting, and peaceful atmosphere. The chair was so comfy and though I was prepared for some pain, the entire process was painless."

- Tessa

"Jessica is amazing! She took the time to know my personal style and preference for brow shape and color. She was very professional, the setting was clean and I felt I was in the best hands! You will love it here."

- Kim

"Absolutely wonderful! The minute you walk into the cozy space it is clear that it is filled with warmth. There has been so much thought that has been put into the space so that clients are able to relax fully. Lei and Jessica are both brilliant warm people and know what they are doing!"